Friday, March 15, 2019

Kindergarten News
Curriculum Updates

Reading: We have been working on a unit called bigger books, bigger reading muscles.
In this unit students will now be encouraged to use their "super powers" to read those
difficult books. In this unit they will grow their bank of reading strategies to help them
face the challenge of new books. The unit will capitalize on student reading knowledge
including knowledge of letter-sound correspondence, comprehension, and fluency.

Writing: .We have been writing our “How-To” information books and will publish this
week. Then we will begin opinion writing- in a unit called”Making our School a Better
Place.” This unit is designed so that children do lots and lots of persuasive writing.
They will write posters, signs, songs, petitions, and letters about problems they see
in their classroom or school.

Math: During the month of March, we are reviewing previously taught math concepts
and assessing for progress reports. Other topics include: 3-D shapes, Representing Data,
Estimation, Representing Numbers in Different Ways, Number Stories, & Addition

Integrated Studies:  We are learning about  Forces of Motion. Through hands on
activities we will learn about; How things move, pushes and pulls, gravity. simple
machine, and magnets.

Important Dates

Wednesday Dismissal 1:50
Musical Concerts
3/15/19 Riverton Skate Night @ Happy Wheels
3/22/19 End of 2nd  trimester.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Animal Refuge League Visit


A humane educator from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Brittany Burke, visited the kindergarten classrooms. She taught us about animal adaptations and survival. We learned that the behavior of domestic animals can often reflect how their relatives survive in the wild. We had a chance to meet "Slinky" the ferret and we learned that ferrets are related to weasels, minks and skunks. This presentation connects with our study of "Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals and their Environment."

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kindergarten students have been studying animal adaptation. We learned about how some animals (such as bears) hibernate in winter. We painted and assembled bears during center time. We also wrote facts about how bears survive. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

We will be having a Pajama Day on Friday, December 21st. Please send your child to school on that day wearing their pajamas and comfortable shoes. Keep in mind that we will be going outside to play, so bring boots for them to change into if you’d like. We have been studying hibernation, migration, and adaptation and will watch the movie Over the Hedge to celebrate the end of the unit.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December News

Kindergarten News
Curriculum Updates

Reading: We are working on a unit called Looking Closely at Familiar Texts.
Along with reading old favorites we are reading pattern books that are at their
independent reading level.  We are creating books that the have the students pictures
and that were written and created by the class. These book allow for students to make
personal connections to the stories.

Writing: .We have just finished writing like a scientist. Now we are  learning to write
pattern books just like the books we are reading!

Math: Everyday Mathematics Unit 4
Classifying by shape and size; Graphing and analyzing data; Representing numbers
on ten frames; Exploring teen numbers; Composing and decomposing numbers
with snap cubes; Exploring weight and capacity; Counting by tens; Playing
“Top-It” with number cards; Using the number grid as a counting tool

Integrated Studies:  Winter and Animal Adaptations

Monday, November 5, 2018

November Newsletter

Kindergarten News

Curriculum Updates

Reading: We are working on retelling old favorite storybooks! We have been practicing retelling familiar books. We are encouraging you to read many books to your child and have them bring the books in to share and retell to the class! We remind the students to look at the pictures, remember and read!  They are encouraged to try and remember some of the exact words the characters say and to sound like the character when they’re “reading” or retelling the book.

Writing:  We have been writing great stories! We learned to plan out our pages, sound out words , write labels and even make our characters talk using speech bubbles! Next week we finish our narrative writing and will start writing like scientists! We will zoom in on details to describe science objects like acorns, pinecones, leaves, and gourds. We will “Notice”, Wonder”, and “Think about” attributes of these objects and describe them in detail.

Math: Everyday Mathematics Unit 3
  Using ten frames to show combinations of ten
  Writing and representing numbers
  Measurement- length
  Positional language (under, above, between, etc.)
  Numeral recognition and sequencing numbers
  Greater than/ less than
Students will continue playing games to deepen their understanding of numerals. In “Spin a Number” and “Number Squeeze,” they will practice recognizing and comparing numerals.

Integrated Studies:  Our Community, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins, Fall Changes