Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Kindergarten News

Curriculum Updates

Reading:  We will be finishing the year with a unit called Growing Expertise in
Little Books: Reading for Information. This unit will immerse your young readers
in the world of informational reading for several weeks, giving them plenty of
opportunity for repeated practice, and mastery of skills that are particular to
reading nonfiction. They will look at texts and their features to learn all about topics.
We will be teaching children to think about what their books are about and then
reading closely, looking for new ideas, information, and vocabulary on every page.

Writing:  One of the wonderful things about working with kindergartners is the
delight they take in their own knowledge. This writing unit channels that energy
into writing “ All About” books. Each student will write lots of informational books
about many different topics. During this unit students develop important  
nonfiction writing skills and get to choose topics that explore their hobbies,
passions, and interests.

Math: Our topics include addition and subtraction facts, positional language,
measurable attributes, writing and solving equations, units of weight, and exploring
“doubles” addition facts. We will spend time reviewing math concepts previously
taught and celebrate the mathematical skills learned in kindergarten.

Integrated Studies:  We are learning all about plants. During this unit we
will be doing experiments with how plants grow and learning about different
types and parts of plants.

Important Dates
Wednesday Dismissal 1:50

May 9th- Art Gala & Silent Auction 5:00-6:30
May 10th- Riverton Red Day
May 10th - Wizard of Oz
May 27th- NO SCHOOL
June 5th- Field Trip to PATHS 9:15-1:30
June 6th- Literacy Night
June 10th- Rainbow Day
June 11th- Hat Day
June 12th- Field Day
June 14th- Last Day! 11:50 dismissal

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Invest in ME

Invest in ME visited our classrooms in the fall. Here is a video explaining what they are all about :)

Monday, April 8, 2019

Kindergarten News

Curriculum Updates

Reading: We have started a reading unit called Becoming Avid Readers.
This units sets up the children to become less reliant on the teacher,
encouraging them to apply their strategies across multiple contexts.
This unit focuses less on new skills, but more about making sure that
what the children have learned has been internalized and automatic.  
Students will continue to be immersed in books, poetry and songs, but
children will now be encouraged to take more responsibility in making
decisions about what and how to read.

Writing: We have been having fun writing in our  persuasive writing unit.
We are busy working on posters and letters to fix problems we have noticed.
We are using our convincing skills to help readers learn about solutions to
problems. We are learning how to make the world a better place to be!
Math: Our topics include 2-D and 3-D shape review, “counting-on” from
various numbers, subtraction, place value, parts of ten, comparing numbers,
and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.

Integrated Studies:  We are starting a Science unit on Plants. We will learn all
about how plants are affected by our environment. Here are the topics we will
learn about: Living and Nonliving, Parts of a Plant, What Plants Need to Live,
Plant Life Cycles, How Plants Adapt to their Environment & much more! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Kindergarten Science

Students experiment with "inclined planes."

Kindergarten students have been learning about “Forces of Motion” during our Friday science lessons and during center time. We have been introduced to different types of force- pushes, pulls, wind, gravity, magnetic force, etc. We have learned how force affects the direction in which an object moves and how fast it travels. Students have also had a chance to experiment with force and motion by trying out some “simple machines.” We practiced moving objects with levers, inclined planes, and wedges.
We made anemometers to test wind force.
We used a rolling motion to create marble paintings.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday April 4th and Friday April 5th are parent teacher conferences. If you did not see a paper with your conference time, please email you child's teacher. Both Thursday and Friday will be half days for students and they will be dismissed at 11:20. We look forward to seeing you and sharing all their hard work with you!
Mrs. Kalloch:

Ms. Nealey:

Mrs. Burke:

Ms. Gallagher

Friday, March 15, 2019

Kindergarten News
Curriculum Updates

Reading: We have been working on a unit called bigger books, bigger reading muscles.
In this unit students will now be encouraged to use their "super powers" to read those
difficult books. In this unit they will grow their bank of reading strategies to help them
face the challenge of new books. The unit will capitalize on student reading knowledge
including knowledge of letter-sound correspondence, comprehension, and fluency.

Writing: .We have been writing our “How-To” information books and will publish this
week. Then we will begin opinion writing- in a unit called”Making our School a Better
Place.” This unit is designed so that children do lots and lots of persuasive writing.
They will write posters, signs, songs, petitions, and letters about problems they see
in their classroom or school.

Math: During the month of March, we are reviewing previously taught math concepts
and assessing for progress reports. Other topics include: 3-D shapes, Representing Data,
Estimation, Representing Numbers in Different Ways, Number Stories, & Addition

Integrated Studies:  We are learning about  Forces of Motion. Through hands on
activities we will learn about; How things move, pushes and pulls, gravity. simple
machine, and magnets.

Important Dates

Wednesday Dismissal 1:50
Musical Concerts
3/15/19 Riverton Skate Night @ Happy Wheels
3/22/19 End of 2nd  trimester.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Animal Refuge League Visit


A humane educator from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Brittany Burke, visited the kindergarten classrooms. She taught us about animal adaptations and survival. We learned that the behavior of domestic animals can often reflect how their relatives survive in the wild. We had a chance to meet "Slinky" the ferret and we learned that ferrets are related to weasels, minks and skunks. This presentation connects with our study of "Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals and their Environment."