Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tech Tip Tuesday #4

Does your child LOVE YouTube? Do you know what your child is looking at when they are on it for hours?

Here are some helpful tips for monitoring your child's YouTube access.

5 ways to Make YouTube Safer for Kids

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tech Tip Tuesday # 3

One of the questions that teachers are frequently asked is "What are some quality apps that will help support my child's education?"

Common Sense Media has a great list of apps and websites for grades PreK- 5!


There are also helpful tips for parents on the page, such as Read with your child everyday and engage them in conversation.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tech Tuesday #2

Good Morning! Some families worry that their child will be behind their peers if they don't have a tablet or computer at home. The answer is NO!  Click the link below to learn more.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tech Tip Tuesday

Parents often ask teachers questions about appropriate internet use and technology access. We will be offering a weekly Tech Tip every Tuesday to help families use tech at home.

Today's question is "What age should I get my kid a tablet? " Click the link below for more information.



Monday, November 4, 2019

Curriculum Updates

Reading: We are working on retelling old favorite storybooks! We have been practicing retelling familiar books.
We are encouraging you to read many books to your child and have them bring the books in to share and retell
to the class! We remind the students to look at the pictures, remember and read!  They are encouraged
to try and remember some of the exact words the characters say and to sound like the character when
they’re “reading” or retelling the book.

Writing:  We have been writing great stories! We learned to plan out our pages, sound out words , write labels
and even make our characters talk using speech bubbles! Next week we finish our narrative writing and will
start writing like scientists! We will zoom in on details to describe science objects like acorns, pinecones, leaves,
and gourds. We will “Notice”, Wonder”, and “Think about” attributes of these objects and describe them in detail.

Math: Everyday Mathematics Unit 3
   Using ten frames to show combinations of ten
   Writing and representing numbers
   Measurement- length
   Positional language (under, above, between, etc.)
   Numeral recognition and sequencing numbers
   Greater than/ less than
   Students will continue playing games to deepen their understanding of numerals. In “Spin a Number”
and “Number Squeeze,” they will practice recognizing and comparing numerals.

Integrated Studies:  Our Community, Pumpkins, Fall Changes

Important Dates
 Wednesday Dismissal 1:50

Nov 7th Flu Clinic 

Nov 11th- No School, Veterans Day

Nov 21  & 22- Early Dismissal at 11:20 for Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov 27-29 - No School, Thanksgiving Break

Monday, October 14, 2019

Apple Picking Trip

 We had a great time on our trip to Dole's Orchard. We learned about different types of apples, how apple trees change through the seasons, and orchard pests. We learned the correct way to pick apples, so as not to damage the buds for next year's crop. We enjoyed a wagon ride, a hay maze, and picking apples and pumpkins to take home.  Our friends at the orchard also gave us some pumpkin muffins and cider to take back to school for snack time. What a fun day!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October News

Curriculum Updates
Reading: We are finishing up Kindergarten Jump Start! We have had a letter of the day everyday,
where we focus on the letter identification, letter formation, and letter sound.  We are starting
Reading Workshop this month, the first unit is called “We are Readers!” The goal of this unit
is to create kids who want to learn to read and who believe that they can do it.

Writing: We think, We Draw, We Write!
We have begun the writing workshop! We are learning  that writers can write a story by
1.) Thinking of something that you want to write about
2.) Make a picture in your mind
3.) Drawing the story across pages of paper.
We are also learning to stretch out our words to hear as many letter sounds as we can.
This helps us write stories just like the authors we read everyday.

Math: This month we are extending early counting experiences by counting sets of objects in
different arrangements. We have introduced a tool called a “ten frame.” Students will use ten
frames to see and show numbers in a variety of ways. We are playing math games to reinforce
skills and develop problem-solving techniques. We are working on strategies to solve number
stories by using objects and drawings. We are working to identify properties of shapes and
recognizing the same shape in different sizes and orientations. 

Integrated Studies:  Apples, Pumpkins, Fall changes, Fire Safety

Wednesday Dismissal 1:50

Oct- 9 Curriculum Night 5-6

Oct 10- Apple Picking 9:15-1:00

Oct 11-14- No School

Oct- 19 PTO Pumpkin Fest

Oct 21- Picture Day