Monday, November 13, 2017

Kindergarten students use materials such as c-rods and sorting mats to 
reinforce math concepts.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2nd Step Mondays

We use the program 2nd step school wide at Riverton. This year in Kindergarten we are doing our lessons together as a whole grade level every Monday in the Large Learning Center.

This week our lesson focused on Following Directions. We played a game called Follow, Follow and used our attent-o-scope to focus our attention on the speaker.

In the scenario card a child didn't know what to do when it was work time because he had not focused his attention on his teacher. We noticed that he may feel worried, sad, or confused while he was sitting at his table. We then brainstormed that he could ask the student next to him what to do or ask his teacher.  It's also helpful to repeat the directions to yourself to help you remember.

Ask your child if they can sing our Learner Song. "Eyes are watching, ears are listening, voice is quiet, body's calm. This is how we listen, this is how we listen, at group time, at group time."

Monday, November 6, 2017

Eek Spiders!

We have been learning about some creepy crawlers in Kindergarten! We read a ton of books about spiders ,  The Very Busy Spider and Aaaaarrgghh! Spider! were two of our favorites.  We learned that spiders are not insects, that they start their webs by making an X, and there are more then 40,000 different kinds of spiders! EEK!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fire Safety Week at Riverton

We were lucky enough to have our local firemen visit us on Thursday to talk about fire safety.  Students learned about "Stop, drop and roll", having a safety plan at home and the gear that the firemen use. It was a great learning morning!

Arrival Routines

Arrival Routines

School starts at 8:05 and the morning announcements start at 8:20.  If you arrive after 8:20 the students are considered tardy and they need to stop at the office to get a tardy slip.

Saying Goodbye Procedures

Please say goodbye to your child at the front door. Parents should not walk student to class unless they check in at the main office and get a visitors badge. This is primarily for safety purposes. Morning arrival is not a time for parents-teacher conferences, as they need to have their 100% attention on the students. We appreciate your cooperation with Riverton’s procedures.

Friday, September 1, 2017

First Week of School

Tuesday is our fist day of school! Kindergarten teachers will meet students outside at the front of the building on the first day. Our goal is for the students to say goodbye to their parents/guardians outside before walking to their classroom to help with the transition.

Breakfast and lunch are provided daily for all students free of charge. If you would like to pack a snack for you child you may. Please avoid snacks containing nuts if at all possible. 

The Kindergarten team is excited to meet all of our new students and know we will have a wonderful year together! Please email your child's teacher with any questions you may have!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017