Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday Announcements

 Good Morning Kindergarten Families!

Make sure you get outside today and enjoy the sunshine when you're done with your remote work. Please see today's Talbot announcements below.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wednesday Announcements May 19

 Good Morning Kindergarten Families!

We've been busy in Kindergarten! We are wrapping up our 6th unit in our new math program this week and are reviewing skills that we have learned. Yesterday we made a counting book using ten frames to build our teen numbers. We also had to write an expression to show how we made that number. It was challenging but our books came out super cute. 

In Reading and Writing we are focusing on non fiction, which means something is real and not make believe. Our book bags are filled with books about trains, animals, families and how things are made (like how a tree turns into paper). During writing time our focus is writing all about a topic, this week the theme is Ocean Animals. We are working hard to learn more about sharks, stingrays, sea turtles and crabs. Our brains are brimming with facts!

In Phonics this week we are learning about "bossy R" with a focus on the -AR sound. We went on a treasure hunt for -AR words in our classroom and found words like barn, chart, and star. We may sound a bit like a pirate this week but we are learning so much. Arrrrrr!

Stay tuned for some pictures later on this week.

Please see today's announcements below, have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday Announcements May 12

 Good Morning Kindergarteners! 

Happy Wednesday 😁 We are at the halfway point of the week already. Today on SeeSaw be sure to check out the activity board about insects, they may not be your favorite thing but you may get some ideas for your writing. We're going to start writing books all about a topic, insects could be one of those topics! Have a wonderful Wednesday and be sure to check out today's announcements below.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Wednesday Announcements May 5, 2021

 Good Morning Kindergarteners!

Today is Wednesday, which means special announcements from Mrs. Hanna! Please see today's announcements below.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wednesday April 28th Announcements

Good Morning Kindergarten Families! We had a wonderful start to our week in Kindergarten. 😀 It's so nice to have everyone together, we've been making new friends, building our new classroom community and of course doing lots of learning.  Please see today's announcements below.

For Parents: There is a PTO meeting tonight via Zoom 5:00-6:00. If you are interested in attending you can contact the PTO on their Facebook Page for an invite or message Mrs. Kalloch (

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wednesday April 7th Announcements

 Hello Kindergarten Families!

Please see today's Talbot announcements below. Have a wonderful Wednesday and don't forget to check in on SeeSaw or to do some packet work today!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Remote Links April 6-12

Good Morning Kindergarteners!  Below you will find the remote links for this week. We are starting a new reading unit and are learning what it means to be an avid reader. Avid readers want to read more and more and never look bored while reading! You can practice being an avid reader at home as well as at school by reading some favorite books. We are continuing to work hard on our opinion writing by talking about ways to make things better around us(not running in the hallways, putting covers on glue sticks) and also giving our opinion on some of our favorite things ( like food, toys, songs). This is a tricky topic but we're learning to express out opinion by giving reasons. 

In math we are wrapping up our current unit about composing and decomposing numbers to 10. We are also coming to an end to our vowel power unit in phonics. To celebrate what we've learned about vowels and their sounds we're going to play a special game of BINGO at the end of the week! 

Remote Day

                          Literacy & Math


O Check SeeSaw for the days activities

O Writing: Butterfly

O Phonics: Build-a-CVC word  & iread

O Reading: The girls play a game, sight word story “I Like To Play”, Reading Log

O Math: Decomposing Within 9



Check SeeSaw for Activity Board and practice reading sight word stories 


O Check SeeSaw for the days activities

O Writing: Birds

O Phonics: Spring Sentence & iread

O Reading on Epic ( and Sight Word down, Reading Log

O Math: Carrots for the Bunny!